Panhandle Conference Basketball Schedule Announced

Panhandle Conference Basketball Schedule Announced

Chipola basketball announces their 2017-18 Panhandle Conference. 









January 9                               at Tallahassee                                                              4:30/6:30 PM        W/M    

January 13                             vs. Northwest Florida State                                       5:30/7:30 PM      W/M

January 17                             at Pensacola State                                                        5:30/7:30 PM        W/M

January 20                             vs. Gulf Coast State                                                    5:30/7:30 PM      W/M

January 23                             vs. Tallahassee                                                           5:30/7:30 PM      W/M

January 31                             at Northwest Florida State                                             4:30/6:30 PM        W/M

February 3                            vs. Pensacola State                                                     5:30/7:30 PM      W/M

February 7                            at Gulf Coast State                                                        5:30/7:30 PM        W/M

February 13                          at Tallahassee                                                               5:30/7:30 PM        W/M

February 17                          vs. Northwest Florida State (homecoming)              5:30/7:30 PM      W/M

February 21                          at Pensacola State                                                         5:30/7:30 PM         W/M

February 24                          vs. Gulf Coast State                                                    5:30/7:30 PM       W/M


All home games are in bold. All times are CST. 

The full schedule will be announced in the upcoming weeks.